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The Best of Two Worlds: How Living in The UK Made Me More… Italian

I am Italian (from Naples in the South of Italy) and I have lived in the UK for over 6 years whilst working here as a language coach. As an expat, I would like to compare and contrast both of my worlds, the “Italian world” and the “English world”, by sharing my experience of adapting to a completely different physical environment, learning a new language and exploring a different way of living life. I would like to share the “Italian way” and the “British way” of doing things and celebrate the best of both cultures. Living in the UK has gifted me with amazing experiences including being able to speak two languages fluently (English AND Spanish), teaching my native tongue and sharing my culture with Italian aficionados, exploring new places and finding like minded people I have built everlasting friendships with. It has allowed me to evolve and grow in a way that I would have never imagined possible. At the same time, my Italian habits, my “Italian attitude” to life, my Italian soul, have never left me and they are something I am proud to share (especially with the Brits!) and that I will forever treasure. I can nowadays say that I am living the best of both worlds and my aim with this presentation is to share just this.

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  • Ermy says:

    Thanks everyone for the lovely comments. I am happy to hear you enjoyed the presentation!

  • Arisu says:

    Thank you for the wonderful presentation!

  • MaisyRose says:

    As a Brit, I really enjoyed hearing about your experiences here. A wonderful lecture, thank you!

  • Emily Martyn says:

    Thanks for this lovely talk! As a Brit it was also fascinating to hear about your impressions of British culture. Very insightful 🙂

  • Mkharlacheva says:

    Thank you Army,
    I also noticed that I became “more Russian” after moving to live in the USA. Because almost every day I get asked yhe same question where I’m from. So I say that im Russian, I’m from Russia, I was born and raised in Russia etc. In Russia I ususally never thought about being russian every day as I have to yhink about it here. It’s so funny how it works. And im alsobtaking the advantage of knowing 2 cultures and 2 languages. It makes me more open minded and flexible.

  • Michael M says:

    Thanks for sharing your reasons for choosing Chester, Ermy! And as far as wanting to experience a different world…puoi indovinare mia scelta? Tu mi conosci! 🙂

  • Hoda77 says:

    I really liked your presentation😍
    And I really love italy😍😍

  • Hoda77 says:

    I really liked your presentation😍
    And I really love italy😍😍

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