Gabrielle Faucher

Oral Corrective Feedback

This is my Master’s thesis research, titled : The use of oral corrective feedback in online ESL lessons. In this research, I aim to observe the practices of corrective feedback in online language lessons, particularly in conversational practice. Participants will be English teachers who have experience in online teaching through video call, and who work for an open language teaching platform. Through lesson recording and observation, I will analyse the amount of feedback provided, which type of mistakes gets the most, and what corrective strategies are used. Later, a stimulated recall interview with the participants will allow for post-reflection on the reasoning behind the feedback and corrective strategies used. The main objective is to broaden the view on not only the “right way” to give oral corrective feedback, but rather how foreign language teachers actually make those decisions in interactive context, balancing the wish for students to participate in speaking activities and the need for accuracy. Considering that most polyglots participate in language conversational practice, whether it be as tutors or as learners, the observation of the correctional techniques is of high interest. After all, we all want to be corrected in order to improve!

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  • Haejin says:

    This was a wonderful talk. Very helpful for teachers and learners. Thank you so much. 🙂

  • heatherk says:

    Great talk Gabrielle! I’ve always been fascinated by the topic of corrections. It’s very pertinent to me as both a language learner and teacher both in person and online. Lots of good food for thought. Merci !

  • AnnamariaA says:

    Thank you, Gabrielle! This was both a lovely and useful presentation. As an online EFL teacher, I am eager to hear about the rest of your research. Many thanks!

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