Gerry Weitz (italki)

Never Stop Learning

Gerry Weitz is a passionate language lover who shares his language learning journey which started at the age of 17 when he embarked on a cultural immersion trip to Israel. In this video, Gerry will share some advice for anyone who is nervous about learning a new language. For seasoned learners, you can learn what inspired him to take on a new challenge. On any given day, Gerry could be taking Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, and Arabic lessons one after another! He will talk about the similarities of these languages and how much easier it has been to learn a new language with the foundation he has developed after learning the other ones.

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  • Calú says:

    Feliz de ter te conhecido, meu amigo. Adorei o vídeo!

  • says:

    Great speech! And Nice t-shirt, too haha

  • says:

    Brilliant! Enjoyed every minutes of it .
    I am Maria from lran If you like to learn Persian I would be glad to help.

  • Hannah_0996 says:

    Thank you Gerry! Your enthusiasm to keep learning even in later life is inspiring. I loved your story about the Brazilians at your son’s wedding! As someone who is learning Portuguese, I can attest that Brazilians are the most enthusiastic people when foreigners make an effort to learn and communicate in their language, even if just a little bit!

  • Rasa says:

    Convinced to return to italki:)

  • Gerry’s agreed to do a Fireside chat about how he learned languages be this Sunday 23rd at 16:00 London / 11:00 New York / 8:00 Los Angeles. Hope to see you there!

  • PinAngel says:

    I really enjoyed your talk. I love the idea of never stop learning. I also like that you can get going at any age, not feel like I’m “too old” to learn new things.

  • PekPek2 says:

    Excellent! What an inspiration! Loved the story about his speech at his son’s wedding.

  • I reached out to Gerry and we’re going to do a “Never Stop Learning” chat that we’re trying to schedule for next weekend during the conference.

  • Uliana says:

    What an awesome speech! I wish my husband and his family would want to learn my language.

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