Osvaldo Alexis Zúñiga Elizalde

Nahuatl Life

In this presentation, I would like to talk about the variations between the dialects belonging to the same language. In this case Nahuatl is my core language, which belongs to the Uto-Aztec family in Mexico. In my writing, I explain what is the relation between this language family and the others among our country, besides of highlighting the importance of learning indigenous languages. After talking about Nahuatl’s variations with cultural background, I will discuss the general situation of indigenous languages in Mexico, explaining their origins, cultural background and the different members of each family, giving a geographical and historical context. Their diversity is enormous, with 68 languages and more than 300 dialects, so I won’t be able to go profoundly into each and every one of them, but rather present an overview. Finally I will like to give some examples of Nahuatl writing, for the audience to have an idea of the language that I’ll be presenting.

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