Dr. Harold Goodman

My Ten Years With Michel Thomas

Harold Goodman, the author of the Michel Thomas Spoken Mandarin Chinese courses (3 parts), is the only person to whom Michel Thomas taught his approach to teaching and methodology of course creation. As part of this training, Michel Thomas taught him two languages, one on one. In addition, over their 10 years together, Dr. Goodman recorded over 100 hours of discussions about Michel Thomas’ life and approach to teaching, the only time this was done. He is currently working on a Michel Thomas course for Modern spoken Hebrew. In this presentation, Dr. Goodman shares his experience of 10 years with Michel Thomas.

Dr. Goodman also is the only person who ever learned Boris Shekhtman’s unique method of teaching foreign languages. Over many years Shekhtman taught Russian to most of the Moscow-based staff of The New York Times, CNN, and other major media outlets. They spent three years intensively together working on this project. The Shekhtman approach catapults beginner and intermediate speakers into very high levels of communication in record time.

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  • Mateo says:

    Thanks for sharing your story, I enjoyed it and also I’d be interested in the course mentioned at the end!

  • Beautiful story, Harold! Thank you for sharing!

  • Debs says:

    I was first introduced to the Michel Thomas method in 2012 when my neighbour and I started learning French together. His method was so simple and effective that I am now looking to use it to improve my French and Italian. I have also been interested in the man himself and your talk was a wonderful peek through the window into seeing what he was like. I really enjoyed this very much. Thank you.

  • RonP says:

    Thank you for sharing this background story Harold. I enjoyed listening to it.

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