Tim Keeley

My Story – A Life Lived in 30 Plus Languages (Part 1 Zulu)

I am in the process of writing “My Story” in multiple languages.

This video is in Zulu (including text and introduction in English).

Narrated by Sethabile Dlamini

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  • RonP says:

    Thank you Tim and Sethabile. Fascinating, both your story and her reading it out loud in Zulu.

  • Anita-Lean says:

    Thank you Tim. Sethabile has a beautiful voice and this gives us a lot of change to listen and learn more about Zulu.
    May i ask why you choose to learn Zulu (or is the answer in one of the next videos)?

  • Claudia65 says:

    A very interesting language biography! Good idea to listen to in Zulu while reading it in English. Fascinating.

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