Tim Keeley

My Story – A Life Lived in 30 Plus Languages (Part 1 Hindi and Nepali Comparison)

I am in the process of writing “My Story” in multiple languages. It is my goal to compare similar languages in the process.

This video is in Hindi and Nepali (including text and an introduction in English).

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  • ElderPolyglot says:

    This is very good. You could try at another time to write in columns and use similar vocabulary to show comparison and similarities.

    If you also studied Bangla, it would work better to show the ardmagadhi commonalities. The pronunciation differs and the script to some extent, but putting them side by side is fun stuff.

  • You are an Inspiration to everyone !!!
    Thank you for sharing

  • zaiht says:

    Hey tim it was great to meet you yesterday at the “sun” room, I had no idea of hindi. you’re awesome

  • Mojca says:

    Thank you for sharing your story in three languages.

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