Ed Davidson, Emma Green & Helen Gilhooly

Michel Thomas Method Japanese Taster Lesson

Ed Davidson of La Ferpection and Emma Green of Teach Yourself Languages learn their first words of Japanese with Michel Thomas Method teacher and author, Helen Gilhooly, in a live lesson, recorded on Zoom. You will join in as the third student to get a flavour of Japanese and the Michel Thomas Method. You will learn start speaking immediately by figuring out the answers for yourself, and learning from Ed’s and Emma’s mistakes and successes. Sit back, relax and learn.

Your chance to win a free Michel Thomas Method course: Want to continue learning?

To enter our competition to win a free Foundation language course, share your learnings after the lesson on social media using the hashtags #mtmjapanese and #michelthomas. Record yourself saying a sentence you learned in the course or share why you want to learn the language.

Ask the speaker a question


  • Takashi says:

    If it’s not too difficult, I’d recommend to always say “arigatoo gozaimas(u)” with “gozaimas(u)”. It is rude when you only say “arigatoo” to those who you don’t know very well. Actually people in Japan are used to hearing “arigatoo” from non-native speakers, so they don’t get angry even if an obvious non-native speaker says it without gozaimas(u), but among native speakers it’s clearly rude.

  • Ermy says:

    Such a great lesson. I’ve learned a lot. Thanks!!

  • Gio says:

    This I gotta watch! *-*

  • MTSarahB says:

    And what a fun way to learn! Thanks for watching!

    -Sarah from the Michel Thomas Team

  • Nice to Emma and Ed learning Japanese!

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