Kerstin Cable, Lindsay Williams & Harold Goodman

Michel Thomas Method Hebrew Taster Lesson

Kerstin Cable of The Fluent Show and Lindsay Williams of Lindsay Does Languages learn their first words of Hebrew with Michel Thomas Method teacher and author, Harold Goodman, in a live lesson, recorded on Zoom. You will join in as the third student to get a flavour of Hebrew and the Michel Thomas Method. You will learn start speaking immediately by figuring out the answers for yourself, and learning from Kerstin’s and Lindsay’s mistakes and successes. Sit back, relax and learn.

Your chance to win a free Michel Thomas Method course: Want to continue learning?

To enter our competition to win a free Foundation language course and a free Hebrew lesson with Harold, share your learnings after the lesson on social media using the hashtags #mtmhebrew and #michelthomas. Record yourself saying a sentence you learned in the course or share why you want to learn the language.

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  • Jenn says:

    While it is helpful to hear Hebrew taught by a native speaker, it is also encouraging to hear it from a non-native speaker standpoint. Getting away from traditional note-taking is a challenge, but excellent in teaching the mind to create the visual map.

  • Polyglot2Be says:

    The lesson structure is great, but as an Israeli and a native speaker of Hebrew it’s hard for me to take the heavy American accent through which you teach them the language. If I’m looking at it from an Israeli perspective, if they’d go and speak like this in Israel, their heavy American accent would be a target of mockery. My best suggestion would be teaching Hebrew with the most neutral Israeli accent. Sorry if I’m being rude, it’s just my honest opinion.

  • MTSarahB says:

    Thank you for the feedback!

    -Sarah from the Michel Thomas Team

  • Cool to see you guys get a tandem language lesson 😉

  • there’s a lot of English diphonging going on here!

    It’s not ‘low’ it’s ‘lo’; not ‘towv’ but ‘tov’, surely?

    Keep the vowels clear and not English dipthonged.

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