Mahya Mirsadeghi

Iran: The land of Literature and languages

Where is the Persian language spoken?
Is Persian the same as Arabic?
What are the similarities between Arabic and Persian?
Why should I learn Persian ?
Is Persian hard to learn ?
Persian language, also known as Fārsī, Is the official language of Iran,Afghanistan and Tajikistan.
Today, Persian is an important language in the Middle East and Central Asia, spoken by over 120 million people and ranked among the world’s top 20 most widely spoken languages .
In this video Mahya Mirsadeghi an Iranian polyglot will give you a more detailed answer to these questions.

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  • Alanood says:

    شكرا محيا على هذا العرض الماتع. أتمنى أن أتعرف أكثر على الثقافة والأدب الفارسي في المستقبل.

  • MsPolyglot says:

    All very clearly and simply presented and very interesting and informative, thank you! Really enjoyed it.

  • RonP says:

    مرسی محیا

  • Zainah says:

    Wow! I learned so much. I never knew Tajik Persian used a different writing script, and I would never have imagined that 70 languages are spoken in Iran.

  • polyglot65 says:

    سلام. من اهل امریکام. من زبان فارسی یاد می گیرم. خیلی جالبه. متشکرم.

  • Mohadese says:

    عالی بود درود بر تو امیدوارم هر روز موفق تر بشی و همیشه از خودت راضی باشی
    خیلی ممنونم ازت که این فرصت رو برای ما فراهم کردی تا بتونیم بلیط بگیریم و از این فضا استفاده کنیم
    ممنون از انرژی و حس خوبت

  • Thank you Mahya! I now know a little more about Persian and think I might be able to tackle it one day!

  • Anonymous says:

    Yes, Persian is on my list, I love the rich culture and history of Persia, and I love the sound of the Persian language.

  • Elise says:

    Your passion and enthusiasm are contagious! Maybe I’ll learn Persian someday 😉 Thank you for this talk!

  • Mahmud Barghi says:

    Excellent! as an Iranian I’m proud of you! Upward and onward… I wish you all the best!

  • LinkaLovesLanguages says:

    Thank you for this interesting talk. I love Persian. I started to learn it earlier this year but had to stop when I got sick. You have inspired me to start learning this beautiful language again.

  • Bianca says:

    Great talk Mahya! You are a passionate and engaging speaker!

  • Sabzehee says:

    عالی بود محیا جان، بدرخشی. That’s geat.

  • Alesia says:

    I love how casually Mahya drops all this knowledge on us. Miss Up-and-Coming right here!

  • Hoda77 says:


  • Alma says:

    Thank you, Mahya, very informative video about the rich Persian language and culture. You have mentioned you are a writer as well. Can you, please, list your book(s) here.

  • Anonymous says:

    支持支持! 😘😘😘😘

  • Gu says:

    I hope to see more non English videos from you about Persian language

  • Heather T says:

    Thanks for the great talk. Persian has always been on my “maybe some day” list. I can’t wait to be able to give it the attention it deserves. 🙂

  • ZahraFar says:

    باعث افتخار ایران و ایرانی هستی مهیای عزیز

  • Fatima says:

    I’m proud to see a 20 years old iranian girl in this international places.thanks for showing our language. Good luck mahya 🌹

  • Anonymous says:

    درود بر شما خانم میرصادقی .بعنوان یک ایرانی افتخار کردم و تبریک به پدر و مادر عزیز خانم میرصادقی برای داشتن چنین فرزند فخرآور
    سیاه سبیل زنوزی از ایران

  • zahradm says:

    حضور شما چنین موفق به عنوان یک دختر محجبه ایرانی باعث افتخار است

  • آزاده از مکزیک says:

    درود بر شما كه اينچنين در جهت اعتلای زبان و ادبیات این کشور تلاش می کنی.
    افتخار ایران زمین. افتخار هر ایرانی.
    دختر مومن و سخت کوش و مسلط به ۸ زبان
    زبان هایی که بلدی یک طرف ایمان و حجابت هم یک طرف

  • Candace says:

    آفرین، عزیزم
    ارائه شما واقعا جالب و عالی بود

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