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Introduction to Welsh

Do you know that the language Welsh is one of the oldest languages in Europe–potentially up to 4000 years old? Originated from the Celtic language, it came to Britain around 600BC. Centuries of history formed and seasoned the Welsh language and its unique culture. For instance, the world famous Eisteddfod is a festival of Welsh literature, music and performance that dates back to at least the 12th century. Born and raised Welsh, Dafidd, here, will give you a full immersion of Welsh culture from its language, cuisine, poetry, music, sports etc. So, are you ready to be Welsh in just 45 minutes?

Dafydd on italki:

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  • RonP says:

    Lovely talk, Daffyd! Thank you!

  • DafyddM says:

    Thank you all for your kind comments. It was a lot of fun to put together and I’m glad people have got to encounter and enjoy the Welsh language. I’d love to see you all at the Eisteddfod!

  • Thank you for such a lovely overview, Dafydd! …and your patience in the class today.

  • ktchernes says:

    My mom and I have been slowly learning Welsh together this year, while in quarantine times. My mom has Welsh heritage, so it has been lovely to explore together and learn more about that side of my family.

    Thank you so much for this Dafydd!

  • SteveRodan says:

    Diolch yn fawr Dafydd! I love Welsh choirs, ever since I first watched ‘How Green was my Valley’ as a child, and calon lan (along with Cwm Rhondda) is one of my favorites to “try” singing…though I sing it in the shower rather than at rugby matches 😉 and thanks for the Welsh cake recipe I tried making a version baked in the oven but now I will invest in a llechfaen I think! I especially learned a lot about poetry, which until now I had very little interest in; but Welsh is such a beautiful language seemingly made for poetry, I have to return to my study of it and get past A1 level and go to an Eisteddfod someday! Fantastic, fun and informative, hwyl fawr!

  • Dafydd has one more Welsh practice session this Wednesday, Oct 21st in italki Mercury Theater.

    Check the Scheduler for when it is (localized to your time)

  • Arisu says:

    Thank you for the fascinating presentation!

  • Debs says:

    Listening to Dafydd was like listening to my grandfather. I loved his accent.

  • BarbaraAlaska says:

    Dafydd – thank you for this fascinating window into Welsh language and culture. I love how the nouns change depending on to whom they refer. Thanks for sharing the poetry meters and the music. And the Welsh cakes!

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