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Introduction to Swahili

Tanzania, a country in East Africa within the African Great Lakes region, is the union of two countries Zanzibar and Tanganyika since 1964. Swahili is the official language of Tanzania and is also spoken in Kenya, Uganda, Congo etc. Born and raised in Arusha Tanzania, Glory Henry Kimonge was a former tour guide, game warden, now a Swahili language teacher. She will share a brief history of Tanzania, introduce the world famous sceneries and some interesting facts about the main tribes in Tanzania. In addition, she will teach the basics of Swahili language, ways of greetings, cultural influences behind the language from Portuguese, British, German etc.

Glory on italki:

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  • Zainah says:

    Asanta sana! I visited Moshi and Arusha 11 years ago, and it was the most lovely experience. I cannot wait to go back. The country and its people are beautiful!

  • Asante sana Glory!! I started started studying Swahili a long time ago but never got to a conversational level but you convinced me to study Swahili again.
    I was just surprised that ¨Gereza¨ means ¨prison ¨ because in Portuguese that´s ¨prisão. ¨gereza¨ sound like the word for ¨church ¨ in Portuguese, which is ¨igreja¨.

  • Charlie says:

    Hello! I always loved Swahili (I remember listening to Khadja Nin in Swahili when I was young and trying to sing). I’ll think more seriously about learning it! Thank you so much for this introduction

  • Thank you so much Hannah_0996 🙂 This makes me very happy 🙂 Thanks for sharing Feedback and it means a lot to me .

  • Jim thank you so much for being very supportive, You and your Team are doing Amazing Job. I am grateful for this opportunity , it is so fantastic to be able to offering swahili lessons . I enjoy 100%

  • Habari Lim, Sijambo kabisa na Asante Sana kwa maoni yako. Nikweli kabisa shikamoo ni kufupisho cha shika miguu yako na inaheshimika kwakweli na nikweli. Pia nikweli kunamaoni tofauti kuhusu lahaja hii na ninakubaliana nawe Asante kwa kusahihisha.
    Shikamoo inaonyesha heshima kutoka kwa aliyemdogo kwenda kwa aliyemkubwa hatahivyo kuna watu ambao hawaipendi salamu hii lakini bado itakua ngumu kutoweka
    Badala yake salamu zingine zinaweza kuwa mbadala kama HABARI!, HALI GANI? , MZIMA ? HUJAMBO? na Nyinginezo.

  • Hi Candace
    Karibu sana!!!
    I am so glad you like it , learning Persian sounds very interesting 🙂 if you haven’t visited Zanzibar just yet I recommend there are much historical information about Persian as a student you may like to dig deeper .You are very welcome

  • Hannah_0996 says:

    Asante sana Glory! A beautiful presentation which has made me want to learn more Kiswahili!

  • Lim says:

    Hujambo Glory, nilijifunza Kiswahili chuoni kwa muda wa miaka mitano na ningependa kusahihisha kitu katika maelezo yako. Salamu hii “shikamoo” haitoki Kiarabu, ni kifupisho cha “shika miguu yako” yaani maamkizi yaliyotumika kwa kuwasalimia wazee tangu zamani. Asili yake ni lugha za kibantu. Salaam sana, VL

  • Glory is offering Swahili lessons in italki Mercury University pretty much every day (multiple times) during the conference.

    Check the Schedule for her times (localized to your time).

  • Asante sana, Glory! I learned so much in your presentation. As a Persian learner, I found your sentence examples fascinating and easy to follow. The word for teacher is very similar, too. So interesting! Thank you again for sharing.

  • LoboBoho you are awesome thank you so much 🙂 , I don’t think I know George Samuel Mubezi but because he is from Tanzania I would like to know about him and share opportunities. Is always good to network , Tanzania is very big though he heh, I stay in Arusha which is in the North part of Tanzania but because he is the businessman I think it is possible he does visit places. Thank you for asking 🙂

    Francisco.Sanchez, You are Awesome !!!
    Nice to meet you and yes it will be so nice to share more , this makes me feel empowered hehe. Thanks a lot

    Awww Kleo!!! Thank you so much , this means a lot to me 🙂 I want to keep this good quality of a Great teacher and stay Great hehe. KARIBU SANA

    RekaToka !!! Thank you too for watching and I am super happy to know that Kiswahili Language is on your list , when time is ready please welcome to learn with me 🙂 Thanks a lot for very good feedback

    You are Awesome! I am so glad you want to learn even more. I see achievement coming , where there is a will, there is a way 🙂 and why not hehe. Best wishes

    Jhony Andrade!
    KARIBU SANA and Thank you too for watching this video 🙂
    I am happy that you liked the video especially the Spanish part using SI for negation hehe
    There are a bit more like we read this VOWEL in a same pronunciation as Spanish
    “A, E, I, O, U “

  • Wow I am so glad you all have watched this video and especially for the comments this is very supportive of all of you. Now I want to make more swahili videos.
    Thanks to “Gleb Torubarov” from ITALKI Team for Guide and advice for me during creation of this video , I am thankful as well for the opportunity to participate .

  • Jhony Andrade says:

    Asante sana Glory! It was interesting indeed ! Also as a native spanish speaker it was hilarious discovering you say si meaning no, lol. Blessings from Ecuador!

  • JudyO says:

    Wonderful presentation! Now I want to learn Swahili even more.

  • RekaToka says:

    It was a wonderful talk! Thank you for sharing your story, it was really touching. It also made me sure that I want to learn swahili in the future 🙂 Asante sana 🙂

  • Kleo says:

    Asante sana, You are such a welcoming person, and this is one of the most important charactetistics of a great teacher. It was also very interesting to listen to your story.

  • Francisco.Sanchez says:

    A great talk! I really enjoyed it!!! Would love to see more about you Glory!

  • LoboBobo says:

    This sounds stupid, but do you know my friend, George Samuel Mubezi? He is a businessman in Tanzania.

  • LoboBobo says:

    This has been a fascinating video. You are such an inviting person. I’m sure you’ll have many clients!

  • Marahaba Michele! Asante sana 🙂
    Pia Nimefurahi kwamba umependa video hii – Also I am happy that you have liked this video, Thank you very much 🙂

  • Karibu sana Robinu, na Asante sana kwa kuangalia video hii – thank you so much for watching this video 🙂

  • Robinu says:

    asante sana

  • IntrepidMichele says:

    Shikamoo Glory! Mimi ni Michele. What a wonderful story. Thank you so much for sharing and for your work as a game warden. Asante sana 🙂

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