Piotr Kozłowski

Introduction to Lezgi Part 1: History & Background

A brief introduction to Lezgi (Nakh-Dagestanian family, 500k+ speakers), its grammatical features, history and sociolinguistic situation of its speakers (living on both sides of the Dagestan-Azerbaijan border, elsewhere in Russia and in diaspora communities around the globe) and their diverse attitudes towards their language.

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  • WWW.XMC.PL says:

    Każdy potrafi współczuć cierpieniom przyjaciela. Ale cieszenie się jego sukcesem wymaga charakteru wysokiej klasy. Oscar Wilde.

  • Shulgi says:

    I see, thank you for your answer.

  • Andras Orisek says:

    Bardzo ciekawe! Dziękuję!

  • PiotrK says:


    No that’s just a coincidence. Caucasian Albania, which is also called Alvan, Aghvan or Arran, was a kingdom located in parts of today’s Azerbaijan, among its inhabitants were many East Caucasian-speaking peoples, including, most likely also direct ancestors of today’s Lezgis.

  • Shulgi says:

    Hello, what is caucasian albania? does it have something to do with albanian?

    Thank you!!!

  • says:

    Video 3 also great!

  • says:

    Videos 1 and 2 sounded OK to me👍
    I’ll watch 3 right now.

  • adam says:

    The sound is now fixed on this video with a new rendering and re-upload. It takes us time to process so many videos, so thank you for your patience! Enjoy! 🙂

  • PiotrK says:

    Indeed, the sound is shifted by ~8 mins, which is quite strange b/c I had checked it before the conference and it was ok, thanks for pointing this out!

    Thankfully pts. 2 and 3 are working (at least for me…)

  • I think there is a problem with the video, the sound is just to the 12:00 minute and the rest of the video is silent.

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