Juliano Martins

How Can Polyglots Become Translators?

Being a polyglot can bring much more opportunities than simply being able to talk to people on the streets of foreign countries, reading books in other languages and having fun abroad. All countries are connected and interacting with each other, with an intrinsic communication necessity that will always exist. Therefore, translation is one of the most important tools in a globalized world. Polyglots love practicing languages, and working with translation can be a dream come true for many of them, who will be able to have constant contact with languages, people and cultures, while developing a promising career, working anywhere for clients from all over the globe. In this talk, we will learn how to transform a passion for languages into a passion for making communication possible for other people and how to make it a fulfilling, lucrative job that you can do in the comfort of your home. We will also learn how to find and increase the number of clients, making them loyal customers of your linguistic services. The translation market is growing each year. You just need to know how to infiltrate it and take advantage of an endless flow of words that need to be translated.

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  • Dejla says:

    Hi Juliano! Thank you so much for the talk! It was the one I was looking forward to the most. I’ve been thinking of pursuing a career in translation for a while now and your talk really encouraged me to look further into it.

    I have two questions:
    1) I speak 7 languages at different levels, but there are only 4 I am actually fluent in. However, when it comes to translating, I feel like I can only deliver excellent translations in English and German.
    Is that enough to start a translation career? I am worried that I will not be unique enough, because there are so many people that speak those languages. Should I become more fluent in one of my other languages (i.e. Arabic, which is in high demand right now, I assume)? Or is that language pair enough for a start?

    2) You said some jobs are only a few words. If you only get paid like 30 Cents for a word, that’ll be a dollar for a job. Is it even worth it to take those certain jobs and go through the hassle of e-mail back and forth with clients/agencies?

    Thanks again for being so open.
    Greetings from Germany

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