Alessio Tixi

A Universal Model For Learning Languages

The presentation explores the role of self-perception and personality in language learning, with particular reference to Jungian psychodynamic models. Data from over 1000 language learners will be presented in order to critically assess connections between different language learning approaches and personal preferences. Some of the core questions will include:
Are personality based preferences important when it comes to language learning and if so, how important?
Are specific approaches and resources more beneficial to certain personality types more than to others?
How apt are existing models to help us establish such connections?

These questions will lead to the introduction of a simple model that suggests how even great differences across learners might be reconciled and live within the same framework. The purpose of the presentation is partially informative (sharing data and work done) and partially thought-provoking, as the model suggested is a work in progress that does not currently fully satisfy even the authors themselves!

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  • Yvonne Chi says:

    Thank you Alessio, I’d be keen to find out the learning plan for the various MBTI, mine specifically of course (ENFP). Anywhere I can find that? Thanks 🙂

  • Caro Lindig says:

    Very informative and well presented! Thanks for sharing Alessio!

  • Ellie says:

    Thanks a lot for the talk. Something I’ve been looking for!

  • RonP says:

    Some good insights here – thank you! Look forward to discussion at your Q&A session.

  • Jhony Andrade says:

    I loved this presentation. Thanks Alessio!

  • Claudia65 says:

    Thank you, Alessio. Very interesting. As a teacher and researcher I believe that one of the keys to success in language learning is to become independent language learners who use tools and strategies efficiently. A clear language learning plan with goals etc. should be applied more often also in educational contexts.

  • Great talk, Alessio! Keen to talk to you more on this subject. Will be in touch!

  • alessiotixi says:

    Thank you, @Azi: e-mail me, happy to help you further.

  • Steph says:

    Thank you so much, it was very informative.

  • Azi says:

    thank you very much for your informative presentation. I was wondering if you can share the slides or the link to access your presentation.

  • alessiotixi says:

    @dhinny @heatherk Thank you both for your positive feedback! Feel free to connect with me privately if you’d like to use this model for your learning and would welcome more specific inputs.

  • Dhinny says:

    I really like it when language learning was correlated to personality, because I am really into psychology. Now I work in my language learning with tutors, because I am the type of learners who need external motivation and engagement with other people while learning and it is not easy btw, to find the tutors who can adapt with my needs. interesting speech!

  • heatherk says:

    Brilliant! Thanks for sharing Alessio. Everyone can use this model as it’s so customizable. I’m also getting into Japanese and would love some resource suggestions from you or others out there.

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