italki is a language learning app and online language platform that connects language students with language teachers from across the globe. italki is for anyone who wants to learn a new language in the most effective way: with 1-on-1 online language lessons.

  • Learn at your own pace, anytime anywhere
  • Up to 130 languages taught by +13,000 teachers globally!
  • Affordable language lessons / Pay as you go
  • Practice with native speakers and student from around the world in our Community

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Watch the italki Talks in the Saturn Theatre

  • italki – A Window Into Our World — Kevin Chen (italki)
  • Never Stop Learning — Gerry Weitz (italki)
  • Introduction to ASL by Anirban Dasgupta and Amy Milau Dasgupta
  • Introduction to Welsh by Dafydd Morse
  • Introduction to Basque — Irati Garcia (italki)
  • Introduction to Igbo by Millie Anozia
  • Introduction to Burmese by Aye Myat Mon
  • Introduction to Swahili by Glory Kimonge


#PolyglotConference italki Credits Giveaway!

We’re giving away $20 in italki Credits every 48 hours for users who try out the new italki Community on our app!

What do I need to do to win?
Open the italki App and enter the Community by clicking on Discover. Click on the #PolyglotConference Topic

Winners will be updated here every 48 hours!

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italki—the difference between memorizing vocabulary and carrying a conversation. Accelerate your language journey today. Want to learn more about italki? Check out our YouTube video Playlist for more information!

Michel Thomas Method

The Michel Thomas Method is an accelerated, stress-free approach to mastering a new language based on the way the brain prefers to receive, retain and retrieve information. You learn through listening and speaking so that you feel a constant sense of progression making the process feel effortless and enjoyable. You’ll stick with it because you’ll love it!

For the duration of the Polyglot Conference, you can get 40% off ANY of our Michel Thomas Method courses, available in 17 languages, using codeMTPOLY1.

1.) Visit

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5.) Access your course online via the website or download it to the accompanying Michel Thomas Language Library app.

Offer valid until 25/10/20.

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We’re so happy to be sponsors for this year’s amazing Polyglot Global Conference. We miss seeing you all in person at our booth and sitting in on your packed presentations. One thing we didn’t want to change this year is our free giveaway. So, we have put together the following prizes for you to win.

  1. A digital set of Michel Thomas Method courses in the language of your choice
  2. An ebook or audiobook of every language in the Teach Yourself Short Stories Graded Readers series by Olly Richards
  3. A set of Teach Yourself Language Hacking ebooks
  4. Choice of 4 Complete language course ebooks

If you’d like to be part of the prize draw, simply indicate which prize draw(s) you’d like to enter via the link below and give us your name and email address. Winners will be selected at random and announced at the end of the conference, as well as emailed.

Good luck!

-The John Murray Learning Languages Team

Teach Yourself

Our mission is to encourage and advance learning of the world’s languages – popular and rare, modern and ancient. To this end, we are constantly adding new languages to our Teach Yourself® series which now includes over 65 languages, from Ancient Greek and Arabic to Xhosa and Zulu. Our courses are written by leading language experts, are constantly updated, and include a modern, inductive approach to learning.

For the duration of the Polyglot Conference, you can choose a free course from the selection of Get Talking, Keep Talking, and Chinese with Miketitles available here using code TYPOLY1.

1.) Visit

2.) Enter code TYPOLY1 and select “Apply”

3.) Select the course of your choice (If you are not signed in, you will be prompted to sign in/ create an account before you can select a course.)

4.) Click go to cart and check that the code has applied correctly.

5.) Click proceed.

6.) Access your course online via the website or download it to the accompanying Teach Yourself Library app.

Offer valid until 25/10/20.

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Founded in 1929, Assimil is available in nearly 100 countries and has sold millions of learning methods in 13 different source languages.

The Assimil method makes learning foreign languages intuitive, in the same way as children learn their native language.

Children hear people talking every day. They assimilate the sounds and their meaning, repeatedly try to reproduce them before beginning to form their own sentences.

The Assimil method replicates this process, adapting it to teenagers and adult learners. Learning is progressive.

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The Social Element

A global team of geeky pioneers, using our social media super powers to help our clients connect with their audience in the most powerful way.

Our consultancy approach means we solve problems rather than do tactical delivery. We use insight and our knowledge of what works to help our clients achieve everything they can on social. We’re independent, woman owned and proud of our diverse make up which means we really know how to help our brands connect locally and culturally in a human way.

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Join us and apply for any of the many language-related positions open right now!


The brain acquires language best when it is immersed in meaningful, relevant and interesting content. This “input flood” is the most effective way to accelerate language acquisition and achieve proficiency. Without a lot of exposure, fluency simply isn’t possible.

LingQ always finds you content just above your level so that you’re never overwhelmed by new words — but you’re also never bored out of your mind reading children’s stories.

The LingQ reader keeps a database of and highlights every word you know and every word you’re learning. This makes reading a book, that was once a seemingly overwhelming task, a lot easier and more enjoyable.

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Clozemaster is gamified language learning through mass exposure to vocabulary in context.

Rapidly expand your vocabulary. No more single word flashcards. No more guessing how a word is used. Learn vocabulary in context by filling in the missing word for thousands of sentences.

Fun and measurable progress. Score points and work your way up the leaderboard. Master sentences via spaced repetition. Track your progress by word frequency.

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