Here are the jupiter partners

ZALOA Languages

ZALOA Languages is an international language company with its headquarters in Cholula, in the heart of Mexico. With our membership programs GO!German for Spanish speakers and GO!Spanish for internationals interested in Mexican Spanish, we offer motivating communities for learners of those languages.

We believe in the power of learning a language through being part of a community that inspires and gives you the motivation you need to successfully learn your target language. Our membership programs combine self-learning methods with online events to share cultural insights, to connect with native speakers and to exchange experiences with fellow language learners of your target language.

As a socially responsible company, we invest a part of our time in supporting indigenous languages from Mexico. Our focus is on Náhuatl for which we created GO! Náhuatl, a video course accessible through voluntary donations.

More information:
Comunidad en Instagram para aprender alemán: @deutsch_lernen_mit_Zaloa
Community on Instagram for Mexican Spanish: @spanish_with_Zaloa


LangFest, gathers a unique and diverse crowd to Montreal. As North America’s hotspot for linguists, LangFest promises participants an unforgettable week immersed in languages. Activities include: conference talks by internationally and locally acclaimed language experts, tours of Montreal and other social activities.

LangFest welcomes learners, from far and wide, of every fluency and enthusiasts alike. Participants are introduced to celebrity language gurus, qualified educators, state-of-the-art companies, entrepreneurs and, most importantly, other fellow language lovers.

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uTalk is a language learning company based in London and we’ve been around for about thirty years. Starting with CD-ROMs (remember those?), we now make an app with a huge selection of languages for you to learn – 145 and counting!

Try out our app for free by checking out our exclusive Polyglot Conference Global offer (all languages for thirty days) and, if there’s a language you want that we don’t have yet, feel free to get in touch via and let us know.

We’re also on the lookout for affiliate partners: go to to find out more!


Respond Crisis Translation

Respond Crisis Translation is a coalition of multilingual people. We are using our voices and language skills to expand access to legal services by protecting the right to access quality translating.

We are a network of volunteer translators providing compassionate, effective and trauma-informed interpretation and translation services for migrants, refugees, and anyone experiencing language barriers.

  • Buy awesome language activist swag to help fuel essential work translating asylum cases:
  • Contribute to help make urgent translation for asylum seekers possible:
  • Volunteer with us (or join our leadership team):
    • Volunteer to translate: There is need for speakers of a variety of languages but particularly urgent need for folks who speak: Amharic, Hindi, Urdu, Haitian Kreyol, Buremese, Tibetan, Lingala, Mam, K´iche. (Note that you must have full fluency to do the translation work! A lot of the work is volunteer but compensation is often a possibility and we always compensate indigenous and rare language translators).
    • Leadership team: If you are interested in joining the leadership team or getting involved on a deeper level to contribute your passions and skillset to Respond please let us know. Particularly looking for folks who are value fits for our team: passionate about language activism, trauma-informed crisis response work, and the intersections of anti-racism work and language. We would love to have you!! <3
  • Check out our website:

Ladino 21

Ladino 21 is a digital archive which documents, preserves and celebrates the Ladino language and culture of the Sephardic jews in the 21st century.

The organisation’s goal is to enable Ladino-speaking members of the global Sephardi diaspora to record their history, personal experiences and stories through audiovisual material and social media including YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.
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