October 26-28, 2018

Ljubljana, Slovenia


Language Learning Event

On Friday 26th October we have invited a diverse group of successful language learners to come and share their techniques with you to learn languages as effectively and efficiently as possible.

The speakers have various styles and reasons for learning languages, so there is sure to be something for everyone who come. Whether you are and introvert, an extrovert or learning languages for academic reason, to enjoy literature or simply for travel and polite chitchat, there is something for you!

Below we will add some biographies of the speakers we’ve invited. They will do a mixture of presentations and panel discussion, allowing time for questions from the public to really get to know what works best for everyone in the room.

Check out the programme with the speakers’ slots and titles.

Friday 26th October

I’m the language-obsessed chica behind Lindsay Does Languages. This past year, my curiosity for languages has taken me from Latin America to Asia to discover languages around the world and meet the people who speak them, creating the video and podcast series Language Stories. Now back home in the UK, beyond dabbling with more languages than I probably should, I plan to continue learning Guarani, an indigenous language spoken in South America. Ask me about Guarani. But only if you’ve got hours to spare. I kinda like it.

Tim Keeley is a professor of Cross-Cultural Management at a private university in Japan. He has been fascinated by foreign languages and cultures from a very young age, and left his home in the US first in 1975 to study in Colombia. Since then he has spent about 40 years travelling, studying and working in various countries throughout the world. His is driven by the desire to communicate with people in their own language and learn more about their cultures and perspectives on life. Tim has been studying and using Romance, Slavic, Germanic languages, and Greek as well as 10 Asian languages. His main focus now is languages spoken in the Himalayas such as Nepali, Tibetan, Tamang and Sherpa, since he loves the beautiful scenery and cultures of the roof of the world.

Berlin-based computational linguist and author of language courses, with a particular interest in non-European languages. As an introvert and computer geek, I often use the internet and computer tools to supplement my learning and there’s nothing I enjoy as much as a good challenge.

Olly Richards is a polyglot from the UK, who speaks 8 languages. He writes extensively about language learning on his blog and podcast, I Will Teach You A Language, including documenting language learning projects, which have taken him to Thailand, Mexico and Italy in recent years. Olly’s recent work has focused on story-based learning methods, and he has written short story books in multiple languages, created story-based language courses, and filmed a project recently where he learned Italian used these methods.

A former language dunce (who almost got kicked off her Italian course at university), Katie’s love affair with languages started after she moved to Italy and realised she could learn faster by going to the pub with native speakers than by sitting in a classroom. A speaker of Italian, French, Spanish + some German and Mandarin, she prefers learning languages in depth to connect better with new people and cultures. On her blog Joy of Languages, Katie helps learners find fun and effective ways to start speaking a foreign language.

Elisa is a professional language teacher and language enthusiast. She teaches Italian, German, English, Spanish, Russian, French, Dutch, Catalan, Portuguese, Greek, Hindi, Arabic and Esperanto (at different levels). She is specialised in multilingual teaching (up to 10 languages in one course) and is a certified language examiner for English, Italian, Russian, French, German and Spanish. She has been teaching and living in several countries, holds two BAs in Translating and Interpreting, a MA in International Communication and a MA in Didactics. She often gives presentations about language learning, multilingual teaching and learning, intercultural communication and organises workshops where you can start speaking one or more languages from the very first moment and have your first conversation after a few minutes. She is also a language coach and can help you improving quickly in your languages.

Kerstin is the writer and educator behind www.fluentlanguage.co.uk, a website helping everyone build a healthy language learning habit. Kerstin a native German speaker and comes from the beautiful Moselle valley. She studied 6 languages in Germany and then packed them up and moved England, where she added her most recent language crush, Welsh. She is a trained translator, host of the Fluent Show, and author of the Language Habit Toolkit, Fluency Made Achievable and The Vocab Cookbook.

Maureen Millward is a polyglot from Scotland. Her advanced and intermediate level languages are English (native), Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, Catalan, German and Afrikaans. She has studied another 10 languages to A2 level. She regularly does 90 day language challenges and posts videos of her progress on her blog and YouTube channel. She has a special interest in the minority languages of Italy and has completed courses and 90 day challenges in Sicilian, Neapolitan and Greko. She has recently been learning Hungarian for the Languages of Slovenia Challenge. She loves travelling and has visited over 40 countries so far. She writes about languages and travelling on her blog .

Gareth’s “best” foreign languages are Russian, Welsh, German and French and he has studied several others including, most recently, Basque. He has a doctorate in Russian history from the University of Oxford and taught the subject through the medium of Welsh at the University of Aberystwyth. He then trained as a lawyer and worked for several years in the Moscow office of an international law firm. He has no particular “ear” for languages and feels that his introvert nature sometimes holds him back, but he’s an enthusiastic, long-term language learner and teacher all the same. He blogs, vlogs and mentors other learners at Howtogetfluent.com and on YouTube.