Bye bye, Berlin! Hello, Novi Sad!

It is hard to believe that the Polyglot Gathering has already finished.  Judith and the team who organised it did a super job.  The atmosphere was really positive and we had a great time together, using our languages and learning lots of new things.

Alex Emanuele and Me

Now we have a few summer months to enjoy before we get ready to meet again.  This time it’s to The Balkans and the beautiful city of Novi Sad.

So what is the real difference between a Polyglot Gathering and a Polyglot Conference? 

The length of time we spent there is definitely the most obvious one.

The Polyglot Gathering model is more based on the wonderful Esperanto events put together by the Esperanto community and have a more relaxed feel to them.

The Polyglot Conference is more formal in style with people introducing speakers and leading the event in a more traditional conference style.  The other difference is that the Polyglot Conference is an opportunity to really highlight specific things about the local culture too.  In Budapest we had a lecture in Hungarian about the language with interpretation in English.  In Novi Sad, we will have similar talks also.

Of course every event has it’s own flavour too and its only enhanced by the people who come! :)

Novi Sad in particular

The Polyglot Conference in Novi Sad is sponsored by The Cultural Center of Novi Sad, which is an official body in Serbia.  As such there will be a more formal setting to the events, especially during the presentations.  During the downtime, participants will get to mix as usual and practice their languages.

Like many countries around the world, Serbia has its own history and unique traditions and social etiquette, which sometimes differ to what we see in the West or newer members of the EU in Central Europe.  It is important to note that certain things in Serbia are not openly discussed in the same way as they are in other countries as it observes its own current social etiquette.  As with any new country, if you are not familiar with The Balkans or Serbia, we strongly advise that you look at travel advice to Serbia ahead of your visit and to check out some travel writer comments on social norms in the country also.

Thanks for your questions! – Some queries that have arisen already are dealt with below:

Food – Veganism in Novi Sad is sadly impossible for us to cater for at the event.  Though you can check out this site for the vegan options out there.  We will be able to offer meat-free options to participants.  There are some typical dishes, which are either meat-free already, or can be made without meat (the word “posno” will serve you well in The Balkans – it means “without meat”).  Whilst we are making every effort to make this choice as wide and varied as possible, it must be stressed that outside the event the vegetarian options can appear limited.

Programme – This is the provisional programme we have available to share with you at this point.  We will endeavour to refine this and publish is fully on this site as soon as possible.

Speakers and topics – we have some of the details of the speakers and topics to share with you on the Speakers page on this site.  We are working in co-ordination with the Cultural Center of Novi Sad to ensure a mix of local speakers from the Balkans and members of the online language community.  Given the formal procedures that need to be respected in Serbia for an official State venue, we need to ensure that everything is in order in advance of the event itself.

If you are expecting to speak in Novi Sad and do not see your name there, please do get in touch as soon as possible.  Emanuele should have already reached out to those who wanted to speak initially.  We need to ensure that topics are agreed with the Cultural Center to finalise the programme.

Travel to Novi Sad – We will be putting together a booklet of relevant information for the event.  This will contain details on SIM cards (to avoid those terrible roaming charges out of the EU, as well as transport information (the new timetables come out in September) and other information that is useful to know during your stay in Serbia.  In any case the distance between Belgrade and ovi Sad is not huge.  You’re looking at an hour or so travel time! :)

Don’t forget to register before 7th July, if you intend on coming to Serbia to join us!  It promises to be a great event, but it’ll be even better with YOU there! :)

Looking forward to seeing as many of you there as possible in Novi Sad! :)







Novi Sad Facebook Group launched!

DSCN1677It’s official and wheels are in motion for our second Polyglot Conference!  Join us in Novi Sad, Serbia on 10-12 October 2014.  We would love to see as many people from the language community there as possible.

Novi Sad is an exquisite city, offering the linguistic diversity we crave as language enthusiasts.  It makes for a perfect setting for this year’s Polyglot Conference.  With the full backing of The Cultural Center of Novi Sad, we are in a great place to offer you an amazing conference this year, building on the success of Budapest.

How do you get involved?

Well first of all, join our Facebook page and Facebook group for Novi Sad to keep up-to-date with the chatter around the event itself.  You can sign up to this site for updates to find out when registrations open.

What’s coming next on this page? 

We will be putting out information regarding the speakers and topics covered in Novi Sad soon.

Finally, we would like to say a few words in response to this question we got through a number of channels…

What happened with the plans for the conference in Montreal? 

Novi Sad Logo

Montreal has not gone away and we still plan to take the Polyglot Conference to the city.  We simply had a great offer from Novi Sad to host an event there, that we could not refuse.  After all, event organising from scratch does take a lot of work, especially when it’s done in your spare time…right? :D

As the organisation for Montreal was still in the early stages, we thought a slight push back on the dates for Canada would simply allow enough time to organise both conferences! :)

We look forward to seeing you in Novi Sad on 10-12 October this year!