October 27-29, 2017

Reykjavík, Iceland


Call for Papers - Reykjavík 2017


The 5th Annual Polyglot Conference: Reykjavík, Iceland, 27-29th October 2017


At this year’s conference, we will have four separate tracks for papers and presentations:

1. New and Current Issues in Polyglot Language Learning

2. Languages, Literature, and Culture of the North

3. Maintaining Smaller and Indigenous Languages in the Global Information Age

4. Language Learning and the Autistic Spectrum

Track I. New and Current Issues in Polyglot Language Learning

We wish to discuss a wide variety of matters related to languages and their lovers, so if you have a paper that you passionately want to present on any topic that does not fit into one of the three categories below, please submit it here.

Track II: Languages and Literature of the North

At the Polyglot Conference, we seek to celebrate the regional languages and cultures of our host country and its wider region. Thus, topics in this track might include Icelandic, Old Norse, Faroese, and Greenlandic languages and linguistics first and foremost, but also other Scandinavian or languages of the North, the literature of these and other related peoples, distinctive cultural features of speakers of these languages, and so on.

In this area, we hope to arrange special one week intensive courses in Icelandic for participants, and we invite scholars in the field of applied linguistics and the media to inform us of their interest in documenting the process.

Track III: Maintaining Smaller Languages in the Global Information Age.

In the past, smaller languages could sometimes maintain themselves by virtue of their isolation. Nowadays in the world of the internet, however, users of languages with relatively few speakers find themselves operating in English or other major languages for a good portion of each working
day. Thus, in this track we invite papers dealing with all aspects of maintaining the linguistic and cultural integrity of smaller languages in today’s global environment.

Track IV: Language Learning and the Autistic Spectrum

It is commonly observed that many polyglots fall somewhere along the autistic spectrum or otherwise display traits such as obsessive-compulsive behaviour. To what extent is this really the case, and to what degree does it impact polyglot language learning? In this track, we not only invite papers dealing with this topic, but we also invite psycholinguists and the media to attend the conference and make contact with polyglots who identify on the spectrum and are interested in collaborating with them.

Preliminary deadline: We will accept proposals from now until 30th April 2017, at which point we will make our selection from among the submissions. If slots remain open after that date, we will continue to accept proposals until we have a full program. Proposals should be sent
in the format of a title, abstract (max 250 words), along with a CV and list of any extraordinary technical requirements to this email address.

Publication: This year, we plan to have a selection of papers from the conference published together by the Research-Publishing Net.