Novi Sad Facebook Group launched!

DSCN1677It’s official and wheels are in motion for our second Polyglot Conference!  Join us in Novi Sad, Serbia on 10-12 October 2014.  We would love to see as many people from the language community there as possible.

Novi Sad is an exquisite city, offering the linguistic diversity we crave as language enthusiasts.  It makes for a perfect setting for this year’s Polyglot Conference.  With the full backing of The Cultural Center of Novi Sad, we are in a great place to offer you an amazing conference this year, building on the success of Budapest.

How do you get involved?

Well first of all, join our Facebook page and Facebook group for Novi Sad to keep up-to-date with the chatter around the event itself.  You can sign up to this site for updates to find out when registrations open.

What’s coming next on this page? 

We will be putting out information regarding the speakers and topics covered in Novi Sad soon.

Finally, we would like to say a few words in response to this question we got through a number of channels…

What happened with the plans for the conference in Montreal? 

Novi Sad Logo

Montreal has not gone away and we still plan to take the Polyglot Conference to the city.  We simply had a great offer from Novi Sad to host an event there, that we could not refuse.  After all, event organising from scratch does take a lot of work, especially when it’s done in your spare time…right? :D

As the organisation for Montreal was still in the early stages, we thought a slight push back on the dates for Canada would simply allow enough time to organise both conferences! :)

We look forward to seeing you in Novi Sad on 10-12 October this year!

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3 thoughts on “Novi Sad Facebook Group launched!

  1. Velika mi je čast to što će Novi Sad biti domaćin ove konferencije.
    Nadam se da ću moći da dođem, sa svojim skromnim znanjem tri jezika…
    Dobrodošli i veliki pozdrav iz Beograda! :-)

  2. I am part of a committee organizing a regional Esperanto conference in Toronto (Mez-Kanada Renkontiĝo de Esperanto (MeKaRo)) on the long weekend of May 16–18, 2015. I head read about the Polyglot Gathering in Berlin from some friends on Facebook, but I didn’t realize that the Polyglot Conferences/Gatherings were a regular thing until today, … and then I read that you are planning a Polyglot Conference in Montreal in the same month as MeKaRo! As long as it’s not being planned on the same weekend, maybe we could inform members of our respective communities of the opportunity to attend both events. (I’d certainly like to if possible.)

    • Hello Matthew,

      Our next conference will take place in Novi Sad, Serbia this October (10-12). We’ve not set any dates for our N.A conference again yet, but we’d certainly like to ensure we have both event s available for anyone wishing to attend them. Feel free to drop me a PM on the Polyglot Conference FB page and we can arrange a chat to see how to best manage such things. :)

      All the best,


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